Tuesday, December 27, 2016

NEWS | Malone University High School Honors Choir resumes in January - new singers welcomed

Malone University

The Malone University Department of Music invites high school singers who enjoy choral music to participate in the High School Honors Choir, conducted by Jon C. Peterson, D.M.A.
The Honors Choir, entering its second year, is open to singers in Stark County and beyond who want to perform challenging music and make friendships outside their school districts.

“We were looking for a unique way to build a bridge between Malone’s music department and the greater Stark County community to allow us to serve as a resource,” said Tim Bryan, chief of staff. “If these students complete each semester with fresh appreciation for choral singing and create new friendships outside of their immediate school networks, then we have succeeded.”

Among other pieces, the singers learn OMEA Contest repertoire and perform once per semester.

“It is such a joy to work with these students and to see how their different schooling environments shaped our experience as a whole,” said Peterson, director of choral activities at Malone and new director of Voices of Canton, Inc. (VOCI). “The students are certainly able to learn from one another and I from them as well.”

Rehearsals are held every Monday night in the Johnson Center on Malone’s campus, resuming on January 23. There is no fee to participate, but registration is required. For additional information and registration, visit www.malone.edu/honorschoir.

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