Friday, May 12, 2017

Win "Organize Your Way"

Want to be more organized, less stressed, and happier without having to change who you are?

Fortunately, sisters Katie and Kelly McMenamin—the professional organizers behind PixiesDidIt!®—have the simple answer to making organization stick for anyone: different people need different solutions! You have to know your personality type, and then use real-life methods and easy systems to match it.

In ORGANIZE YOUR WAY: Simple Strategies for Every Personality (Sterling Publishing; Original Trade Paperback; March 14, 2017; $16.95), Katie and Kelly offer personality-based solutions for your entire home. The first step is to figure out your “PixieType” by taking a fun, quick quiz. Next, they provide organizational techniques for each room of the house, with universal solutions that work for almost everybody, as well as magical solutions unique to each individual PixieType. Checklists and before-and-after illustrations by artist Carol Breckenridge add a hint of PixieDust to the equation. Together, Katie and Kelly will bring you closer to the magical reality of an organized home—one that stays organized!

You can win a copy of the book here.

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