Monday, July 31, 2017

THE GOSSIP: States and marijuana

Here are how states are responding to changes in marijuana laws:

Marijuana's legalization fuels black market in other states

Marijuana smugglers are growing and shipping vast quantities of illicit cannabis across the USA.

What's the big deal with legal pot? No one knows yet

How legalized marijuana is affecting our society has no clear answers, scientists and public health experts say — mainly because we don't have enough information yet.

California city to use pot shops to fight racial inequities

OAKLAND, Calif. — Convicted marijuana dealers are getting help to go legal under a precedent-setting system here.

States forge path through uncharted territory to legal pot

Legal weed has unleashed an entrepreneurial spirit across the USA and holds the potential to reshape communities, but voter-approved relaxation of drug laws may bring consequences we don't yet understand as we soften the war on drugs.


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