Tuesday, July 25, 2017

THE GOSSIP: What happened Tuesday with health care?

The Senate agreed to debate a health care bill. Now what?

Republicans narrowly approved the “motion to proceed” Tuesday afternoon. Basically that’s a fancy way of saying the Senate is now officially considering legislation to repeal Obamacare.

Takeaways from Tuesday's Senate vote: Obamacare repeal roller coaster lurches out of the station

Score one big win for Mitch McConnell: The Senate majority leader got most of his GOP colleagues to vote in favor of beginning debate to overturn the Affordable Care Act, in a vote that was laced with more drama than any "motion to proceed" vote in memory.

Senate Republicans clear key hurdle on Obamacare repeal, but the hard part is still ahead

The Senate launched into an uncertain legislative adventure Tuesday, as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cajoled enough of his Republican colleagues to begin consideration of legislation to repeal Obamacare despite having no idea what the final bill will look like.

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