Wednesday, August 2, 2017

THE GOSSIP: This week in tech

Wisconsin workers embedded with microchips

A local firm here made good today on its vow to embed employees with microchips.
Sporting "I Got Chipped" T-shirts, some 40 workers at Three Square Market, a firm that makes cafeteria kiosks aimed at replacing vending machines, got tiny rice-sized microchips embedded in their hands.

Who wants to get 'chipped'?

LOS ANGELES — Charlene Li wants to be chipped.
“I am so ready,” says the long-time author and principal analyst for the Altimeter Group.

Bitcoin value falls after alternative currency goes live

A new kind of bitcoin went live Tuesday after a group of developers split the cryptocurrency into two: bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
The split officially occurred at 8:20 a.m. ET.

YouTube says it's removing terrorist and extremist content faster

Technology and more human eyeballs are helping YouTube more quickly find and remove terrorist content from the video-sharing site.
Last month, YouTube said it was initiating a multipronged strategy to combat how extremist groups including ISIS use video on the site to recruit and radicalize prospective terrorists.

Why you don't need to panic about rogue Facebook AI

Relax, there is no rogue artificial intelligence system shut down by Facebook because it was trying to avoid communicating with humans.
In June, Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Research unit started an experiment attempting to train bots to negotiate.

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