Friday, November 11, 2016

NEWS | Leaving keys in your car? These thefts on the rise, including in Ohio

Ohio Insurance Institute

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports one in eight vehicle thefts in 2015 was an easy steal. That’s because the driver left the keys or FOB inside the stolen vehicle.

It’s a growing problem according to the NICB. Over the three-year period (2013-15), theft of vehicles with keys left inside increased by 31 percent.

Ohio info
Ohio ranked fourth highest in the US for these thefts during the 2013-15 reporting period with 8,623. Ohio’s total unrecovered thefts during the three-year period ranked sixth highest with a total of 439.

The top five states with the most vehicle thefts with keys during this period (2013-15) were California (22,580), Texas (11,003), Florida (9,952), Ohio (8,623) and Nevada (8,073).

The Cleveland-Elyria MSA ranked tenth in the US with 2,634 thefts with keys for the 2013-15 reporting period.

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