Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shortcut Labs introduces Smarthome innovation, Flic Hub, with Indiegogo campaign

Shortcut Labs

Last week, Shortcut Labs launched an Indiegogo campaign for its latest innovation to complement its smart, “do anything” Flic button, the Flic Hub.  Flic Hub works in conjunction with up to 64 Flic buttons and is designed to discreetly act as a simple shortcut to complex functionality online and in the home or business place, completely bypassing the previous need for a smartphone. Cutting out the need to go through a phone means that multiple users can now use Flic buttons to complete almost any task that was previously reserved for the app, from turning on smarthome lights like Philips Hue, to ordering deliveries to controlling music, in any setting at the press of a simple Flic button.

Flic Hub in the home
Shortcut Labs recognizes that central to new technologies finding their way into the home and staying in the home is providing products that everyone in the family can use, regardless of how tech savvy they are. By removing the need for a phone to connect to smart apps, it doesn’t matter if Mum takes her phone with her to work before Dad gets home, he can still use Flic buttons to access all of the functionality of her apps directly through the Flic Hub. Flic buttons can be used to:
Turn smart light switches on or off, set a mood colour or dim
Connect through the Flic Hub to SONOS, Samsung Multiroom, Bose Sountouch or Spotify to control music from anywhere
Act as a doorbell, open and close blinds or control heating
Order pizza, Uber or services like cleaning or in-home pampering
In fact, if there’s an app for it, chances are you can access it with a Flic button, so uses and combinations of uses are almost endless.

Flic Hub in business
The Flic Hub paves the way for many businesses to cheaply and securely enter the SmartWorkplace. Nothing could be simpler than pressing a Flic button, and without the need for a smartphone to connect, the Flic Hub enables staff and customers to order goods and services as well as control their environment quickly and efficiently.

Use cases within business include:
In a restaurant – use Flic buttons to order a beer at the bar, request the bill or call a waiter
In the care home - Allow patients to call for carers, ask for help, switch on difficult to access or use light switches
In the hotel - Allow guests to order an Uber, call room service or switch on “do not disturb”
In the office – Book a meeting room slot, celebrate sales, turn on the coffee maker remotely

Speaking on the Indiegogo launch, Flic co-founder, Pranav Kosuri said,
“We’re seeing real momentum behind the smarthome movement and there’s a defined and clear opportunity in establishing the smart workplace too. The Flic Hub is designed to take all the elements that make the Flic button so great – its ease of use, simplicity and time saving qualities – and completely  untether people from their phones with their every day tasks to make them more accessible regardless of age or technical ability.”

Shorcut Labs crowdfunding campaign will launch for 30 days from 21st June, 00.00 (ET). With a target of $50,000 Super Early Bird discounts of up to 50% are available for the Flic Hub meaning prices start from $49.

You can access the campaign here.

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