Sunday, July 16, 2017

Top 10 performances from the Jesus Freak Cruise

By Chris Pugh

One of my favorite bands as a kid was DC Talk.

The music was innovative in a contemporary Christmas music industry that often was happy to imitate its mainstream counterparts.

The band reunited last week for its first full concert in 15 years during the "Jesus Freak Cruise" which launched in Miami.

I wasn't able to personally go on the cruise but enjoyed checking out the show through fans' YouTube videos.

Here were my personal top 10 performances from the cruise. Yes, there's a solo Kevin Max song that snuck in there but believe me, it's well worth the listen.

10. "Luv is a Verb"

9. "My Will"

8. "Say the Words"

7. "Colored People"

6. "What if I Stumble"

5. "So Help Me God"

4. "Creep" by Kevin Max

3. "The Hardway"

2. "Jesus Freak"

1. "In the Light"

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